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LeAnn Rimes said, "You can't fight the moonlight!"
More like "New Years ReSWOLElution."
I'd buy this blend just to have this picture in my workout pantry...
Still waiting for the lab results for lion DNA content...
Boy o' boy! Took a serving of this stuff and never had a quicker reaction time in my life. I guess you could say it works...
Perfect blend for fueling long distance cardio workouts!
I take this before every rugby match and sometimes before the gym ;)
I've been taking pre-workouts since I was playing sports in High School and this is the strongest most effective blend I could make. Stoked to be able to finally use my supplement builder tool after all these years.
YIKES! With a CAPITAL "Y"!!! I haven't ever felt this much concentrated power, well since I put my finger in an outlet as a kid...
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