Chattanooga Rugby Club: Pre-Match

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5g of Beta-Alanine for the high intensity cardio demanded by rugby. 5g of BCAA for fatigue prevention. 200mg of Caffeine for the little energy boost. 6g of Citrulline Malate for the sports performance benefits. AN ALL AROUND LIGHT BLEND DESIGNED FOR HIGH PERFORMANCE WITH 15% OF SALES BEING DONATED TO CHATTANOOGA RUGBY CLUB. #elevate #defendthethrone

$ 36.89

30 Scoops

  • Beta-Alanine - 5000mg
    Beta-Alanine is suggested to improve high intensity cardio performance. It is also suggested to enhance muscular endurance, and prevent lactic acid buildup.
  • Branched-Chain Amino Acids - 5000mg
    Branched-chain amino acids are essential to muscle building, and helps prevent fatigue.
  • Caffeine - 200mg
    Caffeine is a stimulant that causes alertness and wakefulness. It may help with your overall performance in any exercise.
  • Citrulline Malate - 6000mg
    Citrulline malate may increase sports performance and cardiovascular health. It may also reduce the ammonia buildup, and increase nitric oxide production.
  • Taurine - 1000mg
    Taurine is suggested to boost energy levels and increase blood flow. It is a powerful anti-oxidant that is promoted to control blood sugar levels to a limited extent.
I take this before every rugby match and sometimes before the gym ;)
Still waiting for the lab results for lion DNA content...
How much actual lion is in this?